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  • Why High Elastic Edge Sewing

    Why High Elastic Edge Sewing

    2012-06-27 [ FAQ ]

      High Elastic Edge Sewing is a Popular Sewing Method that Applied to the Microfiber Towels. There We use the Particular High Elastic Line. Please Check the Following Pictures:The Advantages for High Elastic Edge Sewing is as Following:1. Keep the Edge of the Towels Looks Smooth and Beautiful;2. Better Performance tha Than Traditional Sewing Measures.......


  • Why Hot Treatment of the Edge Sewing Tails of the Microfiber Towels

    Why Hot Treatment of the Edge Sewing Tails of the Microfiber Towels

    2012-06-30 [ FAQ ]

      Microfiber Sewing Line is Chemial Microfiber Material that Easy to be Falling Off and Break the Whole Towel. The Hot Treatment Can Make the Sewing Tails Looks Smooth and Strong Conected Together.


  • Ten Advantages for Microfiber

    Ten Advantages for Microfiber

    2012-06-23 [ FAQ ]

    #1 Microfiber mops are more versatileThey can be used for both dry dusting and wet mopping. You can use the same microfiber pad for the whole process. After you’ve dry mopped your laminate floor you can simply un-attach the mop pad, rinse in warm water and re-attach for the wet mopping part.#2 Eco-friendly reusable padsMicrofiber mop pads are super eco-friendly because they can be reused multiple times. There’s no need to throw them away like Swiffer mop wipes. Instead, once your microfiber pad gets really filthy all you need to do is bung it in a washing machine cycle and it will be goo......